Our Pricing

We offer several pricing plans to choose from; including individual tests as well as package deals covering the most common STDs.

We offer a 10-15% discount on cash or if you travel from outside of a 30-mile radius.

MD (Consultation/Exam - Licensed Physician) Price
Male / Female $50
Rapid Tests (No MD Consultation Required) Price
HIV I/II Rapid $150
Syphillis Rapid $150
CDC Recommended Tests Price
HIV I/II Rapid $150
Genital Herpes (HSV-2) $150
Gonorrhea $75
Chlamydia $75
Individual Tests or Complete Package Price
HIV I/II Rapid $150
Genital Herpes (HSV-2) $150
Syphillis Rapid $150
Hepatitis A/B/C $150 each
Trichomonas (MD Consultation Required) $75
Gonorrhea $75
Chlamydia $75
New Tests Price
Bacterial/Fungal Vaginitis $75
Gardnerella $75
Non-Gonoccocal Urethritis (NGU) $75
Urine for Gonorrhea $75
Urine for Chlamydia $75
Ureaphlasma $75
HIV Testing Price
HIV I/II Rapid $150
HIV RNA (Results in 5 days) $600
Treatment (Licensed Physician) Price
HIV (Prophylaxis - Possible Exposure) Subject to Dr. Evaluation
Herpes (Acyclovior) $125
Syphillis (Bicillin Injections Weekly x 3 Weeks) $350 / Week
Trichomonas (Flagyl or Cleocin) $50
Chlamydia (Azithromycin) $75
Gonorrhea (Rocephin+Doxy/Azithromycin) $150
Acute/Chronic Prostatitis (Consultation Fee Included) $150
Orchitis/Epididimitis (Consultation Fee Included) $150
Chancroid (Consultation Fee Included) $150
Balantitis (Consultation Fee Included) $150
HPV Warts Treatment Price
1-5 Genital Warts $300
Each Additional Genital Wart $50
1-5 Anal Warts $500
Each Additional Anal Wart $100
Warts on Hands and Feet (price varies depending on size and number of warts. Discounts are given on multiple warts) Call for Pricing

How to Get Tested Today

Anonomyous Testing

Simply print and fill out the form. If you can’t print it, or don’t have it, it’s ok, we will provide one at the office where you will sign in with your initials only. No one will know your name.

Please click here to download the anonymous testing form.

Walk in or Make an Appointment

Call to schedule an appointment (714-749-7007) or you can walk in for rapid tests during our office hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Sat & Sun: Appointment Only
  • 17822 Beach Blvd #430
    Huntington Beach, CA 92647
  • All Patients

    • Regular MD office, not a “clinic” Patients are there for a variety of reasons. No one will know why you are here.
    • Sign-in sheets are individualized; no other patient can see your name.
    • We accept cash and credit cards only. We do not bill or accept insurance. 

    We accept Visa paymentsWe accept MasterCard payments