Anonymous vs. Confidential Testing

Your privacy is important to us

Anonymous Testing

Anonymous testing means your name is NOT given or recorded at the test site. The State of California requires HIV positive individuals be reported to the local and state health officials.However, with anonymous testing, your name is NOT required and therefore not given to the State . Results are given verbally; we do not give written results.

Anonymous testing is a good option for those who wish to keep their medical information completely private.

Please click here to learn more about anonymous testing and download the form.

Confidential Testing

Whether you choose confidential or anonymous testing, rest assured ALL results are confidential meaning NO ONE, not even your partner, can receive information without your written consent.

Confidential testing is a good option for those who:

  • Have symptoms
  • Wish to consult with Dr. Nassir
  • Wish to receive treatment
  • Wish to receive written confirmation of the results

With Confidential testing there will be a nominal fee of $40 for your office visit.