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Warts Treatment Pricing
1-5 Genital Warts
Each Additional Genital Wart
1-5 Anal Warts
Each Additional Anal Wart
Hands or Feet (each)

Wart Treatment - Dr. Joseph Nassir of OC STD Center can treat any type of wart, including genital warts. Dr. Nassir is an experienced doctor trained in General & Internal Medicine, with additional training in the testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and has provided expert wart treatment to countless patients from the Orange County area.

Dr. Nassir treats warts by utilizing various painless therapy techniques including: prescribing a topical cream, using a freezing approach or by cauterization.

Most warts are treated on the first visit. Some may require follow-up treatment within 60 days, there is no extra cost in these cases.

Topical Cream - Topical creams are to be directly applied to the wart by the patient. Genital wart cream works to boost your immune system’s ability to fight genital warts. Topical cream may increase the risk of localized spreading.

Freezing – Otherwise known as cryotherapy, is the process of freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen. Dr. Nassir applies liquid nitrogen to and around the wart freezing the wart. As the skin heals the lesions slough off, allowing new skin to appear. The cryotherapy process is done in our clinic by Dr. Nassir, cryotherapy treatments may be repeated as necessary. Freezing may increase the risk of localized spreading.

Cauterization (Recommended) – Painless wart cauterization is the medical practice of burning the tissue to get rid of the infection of the wart. Healing and recovery is faster, immediate cure with less chance of of recurrence.

Risks – If left untreated genital warts may increase your risk of contracting certain cancers and my create problems during pregnancy. Ano-genital warts also increase the risk of spreading to other parts of the body such as the throat, eyes or nose.

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