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Fast, Accurate and Always 100% Anonymous

Dr. Nassir personally administers all STD Tests himself. Many of the test results are available within just minutes! Same day treatment is also available. When it comes to testing for STDs don’t leave it up to a fly by night laboratory and an inexperienced lab technician to give you information on potentially life threatening diseases! Get tested by an experienced physician!

  • Get tested and treated by a real doctor
  • Receive your results in just minutes
  • Same day treatment is also available

Rapid HIV Test
Our Rapid HIV Testing produces results in just 15 minutes using a simple finger prick. We also offer HIV Treatment. If left untreated HIV can affect every part of your body leading to dangerous weight loss, cancer mental problems, blindness & even death!


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Rapid HIV Test

Gonorrhea Test

Herpes  Test

Chlamydia Test

Syphilis Test

Trichomonas Test

Herpes Test
Our Rapid Herpes Testing produces results in just 3 days, using a simple blood test.

If left untreated Herpes can increase your chance of getting HIV!

Syphilis Test
Our Rapid Syphilis Testing produces results in just 8 minutes! We also offer same day treatment for Syphilis. If left untreated Syphilis can cause blindness, brain damage, heart disease and even death!

Gonorrhea Test
Our Gonorrhea Testing produces results in 48 hours, using a simple cotton swab. We offer same day treatment for Gonorrhea. If left untreated a person may experience hurtful swelling in the joints, penis and vagina. Gonorrhea also increases your chance of getting HIV. A pregnant woman may also give the infection to her baby.

Chlamydia Test
Our Chlamydia Testing produces results in 48 hours, using a simple cotton swab. We also offer same day treatment for Chlamydia. If left untreated Chlamydia can progress into serious reproductive and other health problems. In women, it can spread into the uterus or fallopian tubes which can cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

Trichomonas Test
Our Trichomonas Testing produces results in 10 minutes, using a simple cotton swab. We also offer same day treatment. If left untreated Trichmonas can increase your chances of getting HIV or other STDs. Pregnant women may face having their baby being born too small or early.

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Veterans, active-duty military personnel and their spouses get 30% off with valid ID

Veterans non-active or retired duty %20 off
Los Angeles, Riverside, San Fernando valley, and San Diego counties %20 off

Do not pay high costs of Los Angeles doctors, come in for consultation first and compare prices. We do the same exact treatment at fraction of costs of Los Angeles doctors.

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